APPAPP APplications


Do you advertise your vehicles on your website?

Do you advertise your vehicles on 3rd party websites?

Are you looking for a way for more people to see your ads?

Are you looking for your vehicles to come up in more searches?

Do you want your customers and sales personnel to save time?

Do you want to make your average inventory manager into an extraordinary one?

Improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  - Make sure your vehicles get found
  - Ensure your ad writers are looking for the right options
  - Perfect spelling along with alternate terms/spelling
  - specific SEO (Make sure your ads come up for Autotrader's Search criteria)
  - Organized SEO (Options on vehicles that are grouped together by their relation/importance on the vehicle, not their alphabetical order)
  - Consistency in Descriptions over all platforms/vehicles/makes and models

Dealership Benefits and Time Savings
  - Customers and Sales know exactly what options are on your vehicles.  No chasing a lead only to find the vehicle isn't what they are looking for
  - Finance can book out the vehicle from the descriptions
  - Customer locks in on a vehicle and comes in ready to go
  - Inventory Managers can save time and energy by not having to research vehicles.
  - Inventory is uniform across all makes and models regarding options and search criteria

If you sell vehicles on a daily basis answer the questions below.

If you answered yes to all of these or any one of these the Auto App is for you.

Employee Efficiency and Knowledge
  - Make a beginner look like a veteran
  - Improve typing speed instantly
  - Easy to use tablets creating a paperless environment
  - Ensure options are not missed
  - Easy to teach and learn layout with consistency of layout throughout makes and models
  - Brand specific lingo built into the app.  Have your ads look like they were written by the manufacturer

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